We only miss them when they're really gone, when we know it's too late. The things we regret, the things we couldn't admit - it all seems so obvious when they're gone, when it's too late. The wrongs we've done, the hurt we caused was the hardest to confess to ourselves, yet it seemed like the hardest part still lingered on. We've been searching, hunting until we found it and when we finally found it we watched it fall apart as if we're paralyzed. We're confused, we're lost souls trying to understand the meaning of this, a solution maybe? We don't know, how could we? We just watched the pieces of what we built lying ugly and dirty on the ground. The distance became reality, we couldn't keep fighting, we caved in, we lost it, we couldn't bring it back, we burned it down. And now the yelling is finally over. All we hear is silence, this powerful silence. And the pain? The pain remains the same.
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