Don't fail me now

Can't keep living in between
Can't keep running from reality
Face the truth and deal with it
The hardest thing to do

Strength don't fail me now
Carry me when I can't no more
Carry me when my soul bleeds
Don't fail me now

Need to believe in things
To find that special something
That makes it all worthwhile
Found it and lost it twice
Is there a third chance?

Thoughts that come and go
Driving me insane
Taking all the sanity from me
Nothing makes any sense

So I rise
And fight back for once in my life
For all the hate, sorrow and pain
For everything that is wrong
I fight back

So dear strength, don't fail me now
Carry me when I lose control
Carry me when it aches
Carry me when fears take over
Carry me through these times
Rise with me
And don't fail me now



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